I always wanted a nice Eagle Globe & Anchor tattoo. I asked a good friend of mine, Marine Mike Leahy (http://www.thehootch.com) to draw the EGA for me, which he did. I took Mike’s hand-drawn EGA (and bayonets) and had it made into a tattoo. I think it came out really awesome! If you use Mike’s EGA for YOUR tattoo, let me know.

Here’s the 1st stage EGA “LINE ART” version, before the shading.

Here it is, 2nd stage, after shading:

Here’s what the tattoo looked like once completed. The USMC lettering was done a long time ago however.

Inked by Tony @ Tony’s Tattooing, Stamford, Connecticut [March 30, 2006]

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38 Responses to USMC Tattoo – EGA STENCIL: Eagle Globe & Anchor LINE ART

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  2. Merryann Palmer says:

    This is just perfect for a project my Gny Sgt nephew asked me to do for him. Now I just have to decide – embroidery, fretwork on the scrollsaw, or woodburning??? It’s SO hard to decide! Thank you for the pattern – it’s the best one I’ve seen in the 20 years I’ve been around Marines (both my boys were career).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank You Marine. I will be having a portrait done for a community service club I am in. On each of our frames it is customary for us to burn in the wood, things that are significant to our lives. This template is perfect. Although smaller, a burnt in version will be on top, both corners with anchors inboard. Yours almost perfectly matches the one on my right shoulder blade.

  4. disegni says:

    >really nice ;)

  5. PA Marine says:

    >Thank you for the awesome artwork. I tattoo as a hobby and would love to use the design on myself. I would also like to use it on any Marine that asks. I will tattoo this on any Marine for free. We already paid our price. Semper FI

    • Anonymous says:

      semper fi brother

    • JACK SMITH says:


  6. Brittney Sandquist says:

    >I just did this tattoo, wanted to send a link so ya'll can see my version. It was an Honor!!! Hope I did ya proud….not the best pic i had to take it with the laptop…but u get the idea :)


  7. LCPL Josh George says:

    >I used this artwork for my new EGA tattoo only slightly modified.

  8. Raven says:

    >I've been looking for this for so long! Thank you so much for putting it up! I've been wanting to get either this one or the bulldog as a tribute to my mother. I still haven't decided but it does help a little bit with my decision. I read you stated that "unless you are a Marine, you shouldn't get the Eagle Globe Anchor inked on your body", is that the same for the bulldog too? I really don't want to offend anyone or be disrespectful at all but I am proud of my mother and her serving this country!

  9. GSue says:

    >A Marine friend of mine that I've known since high school asked me to design a tattoo for him. This EGA was perfect! And thanks to Master Sergeant, USMC for expalaining what facing inboard means, it played a big part in the design.

  10. ace8580 says:

    >Saw your post for the EGA.(I should take a pict of my tatts' and let you see those!!) anyway, you said Mike Leahy drew it… Was he Marine Corps?When did he serve and who with. Because I was in Iraq with a Leahy and haven't been able to find him… That would be a major coincidence if it was the same guy.
    Tatt looks good by the way!

    Cpl. Blackler

  11. ace8580 says:

    >Saw your post for the EGA.(I should take a pict of my tatts' and let you see those!!) anyway, you said Mike Leahy drew it… Was he Marine Corps?When did he serve and who with. Because I was in Iraq with a Leahy and haven't been able to find him… That would be a major coincidence if it was the same guy.
    Tatt looks good by the way!

    Cpl. Blackler

  12. Nataly says:

    >This artwork looks great. I am currently in DEP and once i graduate from bootcamp, I will hopefully get a tattoo just like this! Would you mind if i used this as a reference? Thanks :)

  13. Anonymous says:

    >My son is a LCpl, currently at Pensacola Naval Air Station — his proudest moment was when he graduated from PI. Knowing that non-Marines wearing an EGA is sometimes a delicate topic, I actually asked his permission to have one done on me. I used your stencil as the basis for the piece, shaded in the ocean color and added my son's initials, PI platoon number and the year he joined. It looks awesome!!!!! When I can get someone to photograph it for me, I'll definitely send it in to you.

    I'm proud to be a Marine Mom and even more proud of my son who earned that title for me.

    Semper Fi!

  14. usmc81@gmail.com says:

    >Tom, you'll get different reactions. Most will say that unless you are a Marine, you shouldn't get the Eagle Globe Anchor inked on your body. Your call to go forward, just be prepared to defend your decision.

  15. Tom says:

    >My brother was in the corp and has passed away from cancer,I would like to get a usmc tribuate tattoo in memorie of him.just don't want to over step the line because I have never servered.I could really use your opinion,thanks Tom

  16. usmc81@gmail.com says:

    >No problem. Semper Fi!

  17. Josh says:

    >I agree with the last post.
    This is a great sketch and tattoo of the Eagle Globe, and Anchor. I hope you don’t mind if I take this to a local tattoo guy for him to reference. I got out three years ago and I’ve been meaning to get this tattoo ever since. FInally gonna get it done!

  18. Anonymous says:

    >That sketch looks great. I got out 4 years ago and I think I’m going to use it.. glad to know I’m not the only that waited until years later to get the tatoo. Semper Fi.

  19. Master Sergeant, USMC says:

    >The anchor faces inboard when you are wearing/displaying two of them. For example, when worn on the collar of the Service Alpha or Dress Blue uniforms. When one is displayed by itself, the lower portion of the anchor should be pointing to the left (like stencil shows). Semper Fi!

  20. marinedaughter says:

    >what does this anchor faces inboard mean? my sister and i are getting the EGA tatt in the near future in honor of our dad.. knowing him, the first thing he would notice is if it was facing the wrong way.. can’t have that happen!

  21. Randy says:

    >I ran across your EGA Line Drawing on the Internet. Not Knowing its origin, I used the drawing as a base for a woodworking project I made for Colonel Howard of Sacramento California. I want to ensure the right person got credit. Although I altered the pattern a bit to suit needs of my design, I wanted to make sure “Mike” received credit. Here is a cool You Tube video I made of my progress. Take a look if you have time. Please pass on to Mike my thanks for the idea.
    Click here to see video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FJgqklFrPc

    Thanks again.
    Randy Anderson

  22. Red Patcher Marine says:

    >Thanks for the stencil Devil Dog!

  23. Anonymous says:

    >Anchors inboard Marine!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    >I found your stencil online 2 days ago and it motivated me to go get my long overdue EGA , 12 years after I got out. It came out GREAT! Here’s a photo of it:



  25. Ben Smith says:

    >Hey if it’s ok, I’d like you use the stencil for a tatoo I’ll be getting next summer. Looks like it turned out real great, good work!

  26. Totalamerican says:

    >I gave the shaded EGA to my tattoo guy, who made some personal alterations but I ended up with a great tribute to the Marine Corps.

  27. Sandra says:

    >The emblem is topped by a ribbon inscribed with the Latin motto “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful). The uniform ornaments omit the motto ribbon because it breaks easily. I’ll be adding the ribbon when i get my Marine tattoo… just thought others would like to also!

  28. Roy L. Carrington Jr. says:

    >Thanks for posting such an awesome tattoo. I used it as the base for my tattoo. Here is the link to my new tattoo:


  29. Richard says:

    >Thanks for the EGA. I am having the tattoo for my 50th. Semper Fi

  30. usmc81@gmail.com says:

    >Of course you can use it for your collage. Thanks for asking.

  31. Anonymous says:

    >Artwork looks great. Would it be ok if I used the art work for a photoshop collage I am doing for my husband for father’s day? Thanks.

  32. usmc81@gmail.com says:

    >Thanks for the reminder. Never thought about it. After the fact however, I do think it fits better this way. It’s not a uniform article after all, it’s a tattoo. :)

  33. Christopher says:

    >you do know the Anchor faces INBOARD right???

  34. James McCauley says:

    >Looks good, though I recently got mine done over the holidays.

    I will be posting a photo of it soon.

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