10 Responses to Marines – Speed Art

  1. llKrrOniXz says:

    liked and faved.

  2. llKrrOniXz says:

    liked and faved.we should so send this to Iraq some how

  3. bechat96 says:

    haha ik that would be pretty sick if they used it

  4. llKrrOniXz says:

    u hav 213 subs wen the brush pack gunna be out

  5. bechat96 says:

    comment on shit about the video and write shit like that on my channel. ill release it soon chill out

  6. llKrrOniXz says:

    sorry bro….. just need some good brushes…. oh and ihave a question. When you tak the images and cut parts out how do u get the background to not be white?

  7. imGurt says:

    actually really good dude. Respect

  8. PzMuffin says:

    so fucking sick

  9. bechat96 says:

    i right click on the layer and select layer from background

  10. PixelAI2TS says:

    Your pen tool skills are good but you need more ideas.

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