14 Responses to Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) United States Marine Corps

  1. lust4power says:

    no lol i saw in a news article. but boy do i hope it wasnt right i love LAV’s i was actual hoping to be in a LAV crew when i join

  2. TheFHST says:

    A Stryker is a LAV improvement, you wouldn’t miss much.

  3. lust4power says:

    Oh I know but its used by the army ew

  4. Jajajawut says:

    If there wasn’t something better than a LAV then the Marines wouldn’t have one. Have fun with left overs.

  5. TheFHST says:

    Become a Marine first before you say things like this.

  6. lust4power says:

    I’m prettu sure all Marines hate Army

  7. TheSouthernAndrew says:

    I wonder if civilians can get de-militarized versions of the LAV…

  8. 2XxGLOxX2 says:

    Twentynine Palms! Ha, I won’t see this area until around 2016 since I’m in the PLC Program XD

  9. mrnatedoug123 says:

    they dont hate the army. they are just far more superior compared to them

  10. gallontom says:

    australian version is better i think

  11. lust4power says:

    thanks for making things more clear

  12. luis f velez pizarro says:

    que hermosura

  13. Dexosour says:

    Buttload of money and you could probably get a really outdated version?

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