All – This is a powerful message video that I created over the weekend. Please forward to all you know and encourage them to do the same. “We The Veterans” has a powerful message that voters need to hear.
Semper Fi – Carl Jones

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4 Responses to We The Veterans

  1. Reggie says:

    Remember!? How on earth could anyone forget those friends who died for our freedom. Now it is up to us to Keep it, it is our Duty! Remember your OATH to the Constitution, you are still bound. SEMPER FI and an early Happy Birthday.

  2. Coleen Trusley says:

    That was such a powerful video. I love the military. They fight to the end even giving their very life for our freedoms. God bless them all. Remember the MIA/POW. All gave some, some gave all. I will never forget.

  3. Vernon F Anderson says:

    This is a excellent video, we need to be reminded of our obligation to use the power of the vote to protect the future of our nation and to remember the ultimate sacrafice that many of friends gave to protect this great nation. Semper Fi.

  4. Tom Kearney says:

    Simply Awesome. Did not serve but our son Tim was USMC ’91 – ’95. We were so proud of him when he graduated from PI the day before the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. His MOS was Food Service and he is an Executive Chef today.
    Please continue to Keep Us Safe!!
    SEMPER FI to all!!!!

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