The War of 1812


Battles at Sea and on Lakes The Marines’ participation in the War of 1812 was both on land and aboard vessels sailing the high seas and lakes. In four major sea battles, Marines helped win three, and earned a reputation for deadly marksmanship. In September 1813, Marines and woodsmen fought with Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s…

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My Men Are My Heroes – The Brad Kasal Story


Last summer, a friend gave me a copy of “My Men Are My Heroes”, the book which tells the story of Marine First Sergeant Brad Kasal, the senior NCO in 3/1’s Weapons Company in Iraq during the November 2004 Battle for Fallujah. As I had several other books I was either reading or planned to…

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Once, Always Marine


A great reflection from Fred Reed… Link to this post!

U.S. Marine Surprises His Brother at Practice


One of The Few… Semper Fi! Link to this post!

Sgt Hutchins Case Far Beyond Absurd


On 2/13/14 Sgt Hutchins’ arraignment for unpremeditated murder charges of an “Unknown Iraqi Male” in Hamnadiya, Iraq in April 2006 took place at Camp Pendleton. This is the third time around. Although his case has already been overturned twice (the second time by the highest court in the military justice system, The Court of Appeals…

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V-22 Joins HMX


The first of up to 12 Bell-Boeing MV-22 Osprey tiltrotors are joining Marine Helicopter Squadron (HMX) 1, the unit tasked with transporting the President, other VIPs and their entourages. The Marine Corps was expected to take formal delivery of the first HMX-1 MV-22 last month. The MV-22s are replacing the CH-46E Sea Knights attached to…

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Al Gray, Marine — The Early Years, 1950-1967, Volume One


by Scott Laidig Dear family, friends, Marines, veterans, and colleagues, Many of you know that, for the past 5 or 6 years, much of my time has been devoted to writing a multi-volume biography of General Al Gray, the 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps. It has been the honor of my lifetime to…

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USMC Hotel Co. Graduation 2012


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Leading the Charge: Why Marines set the example


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Miramar CO Reflects on Tour


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UFC Fighters Train Like Elite Warriors


Watch the entire series! Good to go! Four UFC fighters traveled to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton to test themselves against a rapid-fire version of The Crucible. After 12 weeks of intense training, the United States Marine Corps puts recruits through the ultimate trial — The Crucible. For 54 straight hours, their endurance, teamwork, and…

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3/5 Dark Horse Marines Tribute Video


Sound Off! Uploaded to YouTube by OCSoundwerks on Feb 28, 2011 This is a tribute to the members and families of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, AKA Darkhorse, currently fighting in Afghanistan. The 3/5 are on the frontlines of the war and have taken heavy losses from Taliban fighters. 24 lost in combat as of…

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United States Marine Corps Commercial (USMC)


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USMC “Moto” Speech


Cpl. Rabbi gives us a little speech during mojave viper making sure to use our jargon as much as possible. {YouTube} Explicit Language~ More on EXERCISE MOJAVE VIPER Link to this post!

Drive On!


My good friend Jim Hatch (USMC, RVN) is a talented artist and one of my favorite songs he does is called “Drive On”, written by Johnny Cash after he and his wife June returned from a USO tour in Viet Nam. With Jim’s permission, please take a minute and listen to “Drive On! If you…

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USMC Vehicles at Fallbrook – Public View


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USMC PFT Crunches


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USMC M1A1 Abrams Tank Flown to Afghanistan on a C-17 Globemaster III


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Tow and Javelin Training


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