D-Day through the eyes of an 11 year old


Project Vigil:Stanley Stockins On June 6th, 2014, my 11 year old son wanted to say thank you to the soldiers who fought and died on Omaha beach on D-Day morning 70 years earlier. This is how he did it. Link to this post!

Laying Down Some Lead


A demonstration of firepower from Dillon Aero… Laying down some lead Link to this post!

U.S. Marine Surprises His Brother at Practice


One of The Few… Semper Fi! Link to this post!

“Welcome Home” Trailer


From YouTube: “Welcome Home” is a new series being produced by Sleeping Dog Productions, Inc. It tells the story of Viet Nam Veterans, from all branches of the service. It is scheduled for release in 2015, the 40th anniversary year of the end of the War. It is a thank you — and a welcome…

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Gary Sinise: What Employers Gain


Gary Sinise: Employers will benefit from hiring veterans. Link to this post!

MEN IN BLACK: What it’s like to get ambushed


Men in Black is a true story as told by soldier and writer Colby Buzzell ( @colbybuzzell ) about his experience in Iraq MEN IN BLACK (Excerpt from ‘Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience’) from Evan Parsons on Vimeo. Link to this post!

Lone Survivor – Trailer


Looking forward to seeing this one… Link to this post!

Marines and Tootsie Rolls


LtCol Andy Traynor, USMC (Ret), and Major Dave Vickers, USMC (Ret), tell a unique story of how Marines used Tootsie Rolls during the Chosin Reservoir campaign. Link to this post!

Somebody Picked the Wrong Diner!


Good to go! Link to this post!

USMC Hotel Co. Graduation 2012


{via YouTube} Link to this post!

Madison Rising – The Star Spangled Banner


OUTSTANDING! Turn it up! Lead singer Dave Bray served in the U.S. Navy for four years as an 8404 FMF Corpsman for 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines! Link to this post!

Taliban Suicide Attack


What our troops are up against. This video was filmed by the Taliban and shows just how sophisticated the Taliban is getting day by day. They now have and use all kinds of modern day technologies. While the Taliban claimed credit for the attack on FOB Salerno, it was likely executed by the Haqqani Network,…

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Retired Marine Continues His Quest to be Always Faithful


How ’bout an OOH-RAH for the Master Guns! Link to this post!

Reveille: Patriotic American Veteran Tribute


Mandatory viewing for all Veterans Link to this post!

US Marines In Sangin, Afghanistan


An inside look at Marines on duty in Afghanistan… Link to this post!

How to Become an Officer of Marines


Link to this post!

Soldiers Deck of Cards


A Veterans tribute with just a pack of cards and a beautiful ending. Link to this post!

UFC Fighters Train Like Elite Warriors


Watch the entire series! Good to go! Four UFC fighters traveled to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton to test themselves against a rapid-fire version of The Crucible. After 12 weeks of intense training, the United States Marine Corps puts recruits through the ultimate trial — The Crucible. For 54 straight hours, their endurance, teamwork, and…

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3/5 Dark Horse Marines Tribute Video


Sound Off! Uploaded to YouTube by OCSoundwerks on Feb 28, 2011 This is a tribute to the members and families of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, AKA Darkhorse, currently fighting in Afghanistan. The 3/5 are on the frontlines of the war and have taken heavy losses from Taliban fighters. 24 lost in combat as of…

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U.S. War Veterans and PTSD Awareness


Not all wounds are visible! Raise awareness… Link to this post!