Q&A on USS America


Source UTSANDIEGO.COM It’ll be a different kind of (amphibious ready group.) And the Marines are working through what their concept of operations is going to be. They’ll take a different (vehicle) load … It’ll be a different capability. Much stronger in some areas, not as strong in other areas. Q: What’s the strength of this…

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Army Takes On Its Own Toxic Leaders


Top commanders in the U.S. Army have announced publicly that they have a problem: They have too many “toxic leaders” — the kind of bosses who make their employees miserable. Many corporations share a similar problem, but in the Army’s case, destructive leadership can potentially have life or death consequences. So, some Army researchers are…

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3/5 Dark Horse Marines Tribute Video


Sound Off! Uploaded to YouTube by OCSoundwerks on Feb 28, 2011 This is a tribute to the members and families of the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, AKA Darkhorse, currently fighting in Afghanistan. The 3/5 are on the frontlines of the war and have taken heavy losses from Taliban fighters. 24 lost in combat as of…

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Iwo Jima


The battle was unique in its setting. One hundred thousand men fighting on a tiny island one-third the size of Manhattan. For 36 days Iwo Jima was one of the most populated 7.5 miles on earth. Semper Fi! Link to this post!

United States Marine Corps Commercial (USMC)


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Brian Stann “The All American” Tribute


“The Silver Star Ceremony commenced as 1st Lt. Brian M. Stann, Weapons Company Commander, shook Maj. Gen. Richard Huck, 2nd Marine Division Commanding General. Stann was being recognized and honored in front of the battalion for a job well done when he went above and beyond the call of duty to keep his men alive…

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Marines of Company K 1917-1918


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Marines Sling Lead Downrange in Australia


Footage of Marines and Sailors with Company G., Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, engage in a live-fire operation following the conclusion of Exercise Hamel 2012. Capitalizing on three weeks in the Australian bush, the Marines put their newfound woodland knowledge to the test as they engage enemy targets through…

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Ch-53E Externals Ch-47 in Afghanistan


Released after swinging out of control but a great perspective! Link to this post!

USMC Vehicles at Fallbrook – Public View


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Marine Mom Running in Combat Boots


Way to go “Mom”! Link to this post!

USMC PFT Crunches


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Marine Corps Pushups


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.50 cal and 240B Marine shoot


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USMC M1A1 Abrams Tank Flown to Afghanistan on a C-17 Globemaster III


Self-explanatory! Link to this post!

Tow and Javelin Training


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Bird Whistling Marine Corps Hymn


This bird is good to go! Link to this post!

Marine Corps LCAC Takeoff


These “Landing Craft Air Cusions” are real monsters! You can skip to about 3:45 in the video if you only want to see the LCAC fire up. Link to this post!

Special Reaction Team Training


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